By Andrea Wagner


The Harvest Prayer rally held at the Harvest Orange County location was coordinated to offer a relaxing time of fellowship and prayers for those in need of the presence of the Holy Spirit prior to attending the upcoming Harvest Crusades. Historically, Christians would assemble together before crusades to prepare for the battles that would follow. Similarly, Christians banded together to prepare for the spiritual battles to come surrounding the Harvest Crusades.

The evening was crisp as the heat from the Southern California day subsided. The near ocean temperatures began to take hold as believers gathered outside the sanctuary awaiting the opportunity to bring praises to our gracious Adonai. As believers, we recognize Adonai meaning, “His absolute authority.” His absolute authority will take control in the preparation of all working parts of the crusade, but more importantly, the preparation of the hearts of those who will respond to Pastor Greg’s invitation to lay down all arms and defenses.

As the worship began and hands rose in surrender, the praises could be heard throughout the church. A variety of believers began to pour onto the main stage during the worship song “Amazing Grace,” holding posters with writings such as, “I once was….” written on them. Young and older alike wrote things such as “I once was depressed” or “I once was drunk.” As the testimonial statements written on paper turned, the fellow believers roared with applause and joy to see “But now I’m found.” The Holy Spirit had captured the individuals standing on stage and radically altered their lives. This is the hope and prayer for those who attend the crusade.

Many joined in prayer for the event including the Laurie Family and Willie Jordan. Willie Jordan emulated the love of Christ through her graceful words of inspiration from her experiences spreading the message of Jesus Christ on Skid Row for over 60 years. She shared about the miracles of God’s grace in transforming lives through the action of spreading the gospel. Intern Pastor Tim Harding introduced speakers to lead in prayer from multiple churches in the area. Prayers were lifted up to the Lord for hours that evening in desperation for all the broken and hurting souls who will attend the Harvest Crusade in only a few days. The speakers offered the listeners a motivational word by placing into perspective the importance of praying for and inviting to the crusade those who do not know the love of the Lord.

Following the event, many gathered outside the sanctuary to get inked with temporary tattoos as a reminder to pray for all aspects of the Harvest Crusade throughout the week while receiving personal prayer from the tattoo artist. Food trucks offered pizza and frozen yogurt to enjoy as the festivities continued late into the evening. Young children played and danced to the music playing after their snacks with photo booth pictures in hand. Like these young children we are excited and overjoyed to see those who will come to know the Lord who once didn’t know him. Those who were once lost but now are found.