FORMER: Military SWAT Team Member & San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sheriff

CURRENT: Husband, Father, Army Veteran, Business Owner, Security Director, and Intern Pastor

One of the most approachable tattoo-covered people you will ever meet, Tim’s story reveals his mistakes, connecting a man lost in the world to one found and made new.

As our speaker at The Tree House at the Camp at CTZNS July 22nd Event, Tim will share what anchors his soul and ignite a fire of purpose in your life. Doors open at 6:30pm.  Make sure to come early to grab a seat.


Born and raised in Riverside, CA, Tim Harding did not grow up in a Christian home. Tim’s oldest son, Stephan, recently told him:

Dad, I wish I could have been born before you so I could have told you about Jesus when you were little. So you wouldn’t have to wait until you were old to know Him.

Young and full of wisdom, Tim’s son speaks words of truth. Tim spent high school living like a rebel, always searching for a fight in the party scene. Looking for a sense of purpose, he joined the Army. He went through sniper school, was assigned to the Military’s SWAT team, and married his high school girlfriend. They soon had two daughters.

After the Army, Tim went straight into San Bernardino County’s Sheriff’s Academy. He began drinking more than ever, had an affair, and quickly spiraled out of control. He and his wife divorced.

God had a plan for Tim. He met a beautiful nurse named Stephanie while transporting a suspect to the hospital. She agreed to go to lunch with Tim and they began daily communication almost immediately. She had a rule though. If Tim wanted to date her, he had to go to church with her.

Church was the last place Tim wanted to go, but he liked Stephanie and thought she was cute. He agreed to go with her to hear Pastor Greg Laurie speak at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA. That was the first time he heard the gospel presented in a clear, understandable way. He felt at home at Harvest.

Despite attending church and making positive changes in his life, Tim was fired from the Sheriff’s Department. The very next day, he had a custody hearing with his ex-wife. The judge gave her full custody of their two daughters. Everything he had built crumbled around him. He and Stephanie ended their relationship as well.

Tim found himself in his best friend’s house where he contemplated ending it all with his friend’s gun. He fell to his knees and cried out, “God, if you’re real, I need to know it.” He felt God speak to him. A peace came over him that he could not explain. The next day, Tim attended Pastor Greg Laurie’s church. When Greg gave an invitation to come forward and accept Christ, Tim went forward. That was the best day of his life.

Nine years later, God has completely transformed his life. He is an Intern Pastor and full-time Security Director at Harvest OC. Stephanie and Tim started dating again, married, and now have three incredible sons.