CTZNS Sky D. Woo Photo
CTZNS People D. Woo Photo
CTZNS people D. Woo Photo

As rays of light warmed the concrete slab walls and the summer air blew through the open space, Madison Cunningham opened the evening with her band. People settled in their seats and recorded the live music from iPhones. Madison’s soulful voice carried the words, “My hope lies on the wings of a stable foundation/Where I find my rest, where I find my peace,” the beginning chorus of her song, “Always Waiting There For Me.” She wore black and white. Around the room, black and white decorations and CTZNS shirts subtly hinted at what was to come.

Madison Cunningham D. Woo Photo

Tim Harding introduced his message as a series in “Black and White.” He related this to building a foundation upon solid ground vs. sand. A life built upon a firm foundation is a life with Christ while one without Christ puts its faith in the shifting sand. He described the tragedy of his son’s heart surgery shortly after birth and the hardships that experience placed on his family. He gave sole credit to a foundation built upon Jesus for making it through that time in his life. As he stated, “They were on solid ground. They were planted.” He pointed out that black absorbs, it takes and takes, where white reflects and wants to give. These contrasts in colors reflect a life with and without Christ. Tim explained that it is not what we do or have done; it’s about what Jesus has already done. He invited the room to accept Christ into their lives or recommit to Him.

CTZNS July 22 D. Woo Photo

New believers remained and perhaps experienced the music slightly differently as Madison Cunningham played a few more songs. After the music, people introduced themselves and made new friends over giant Jenga, food, and fun in the photo booth. Smiles, laughter, and conversation continued into the night.

CTZNS Group D. Woo Photo
CTZNS D. Woo Photo