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Video by Alex Jaime

So Cal Harvest Prayer Rally 8/21/16

By Andrea Wagner


The Harvest Prayer rally held at the Harvest Orange County location was coordinated to offer a relaxing time of fellowship and prayers for those in need of the presence of the Holy Spirit prior to attending the upcoming Harvest Crusades. Historically, Christians would assemble together before crusades to prepare for the battles that would follow. Similarly, Christians banded together to prepare for the spiritual battles to come surrounding the Harvest Crusades.

The evening was crisp as the heat from the Southern California day subsided. The near ocean temperatures began to take hold as believers gathered outside the sanctuary awaiting the opportunity to bring praises to our gracious Adonai. As believers, we recognize Adonai meaning, “His absolute authority.” His absolute authority will take control in the preparation of all working parts of the crusade, but more importantly, the preparation of the hearts of those who will respond to Pastor Greg’s invitation to lay down all arms and defenses.

As the worship began and hands rose in surrender, the praises could be heard throughout the church. A variety of believers began to pour onto the main stage during the worship song “Amazing Grace,” holding posters with writings such as, “I once was….” written on them. Young and older alike wrote things such as “I once was depressed” or “I once was drunk.” As the testimonial statements written on paper turned, the fellow believers roared with applause and joy to see “But now I’m found.” The Holy Spirit had captured the individuals standing on stage and radically altered their lives. This is the hope and prayer for those who attend the crusade.

Many joined in prayer for the event including the Laurie Family and Willie Jordan. Willie Jordan emulated the love of Christ through her graceful words of inspiration from her experiences spreading the message of Jesus Christ on Skid Row for over 60 years. She shared about the miracles of God’s grace in transforming lives through the action of spreading the gospel. Intern Pastor Tim Harding introduced speakers to lead in prayer from multiple churches in the area. Prayers were lifted up to the Lord for hours that evening in desperation for all the broken and hurting souls who will attend the Harvest Crusade in only a few days. The speakers offered the listeners a motivational word by placing into perspective the importance of praying for and inviting to the crusade those who do not know the love of the Lord.

Following the event, many gathered outside the sanctuary to get inked with temporary tattoos as a reminder to pray for all aspects of the Harvest Crusade throughout the week while receiving personal prayer from the tattoo artist. Food trucks offered pizza and frozen yogurt to enjoy as the festivities continued late into the evening. Young children played and danced to the music playing after their snacks with photo booth pictures in hand. Like these young children we are excited and overjoyed to see those who will come to know the Lord who once didn’t know him. Those who were once lost but now are found. 

CTZNS 7/22/16 Highlights Video

By Alex Jaime

We were so blessed to hangout with new and old friends at the last CTZNS Collab Event. Madison Cunningham electrified the room with her music and Tim Harding's speech touched the heartstrings of everyone in the crowd. We're still celebrating the fact that more CTZNS of Heaven were made that evening.

On August 21, 2016, we are hosting the Prayer Rally at Harvest OC as we prepare for the Harvest Crusade the following weekend. Please see our Upcoming Event page for more information. All are welcome to join! Email hello@ctzns.org for questions. 


BONFIRE Featuring Food by Chef Jackie




Jackie Rovere is a trained culinary professional currently working as a private celebrity chef. She attended the Art Institute of California San Diego and graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts. She has experience in catering, restaurants and teaching culinary classes. She was born and raised in New York which is where her passion for food originated. She has been attending Harvest OC since November 2015. You can follow her culinary adventures on instagram @agirlinherapron or visit her website agirlinherapron.com.

CTZNS Collab Event at the Tree House at the Camp July 22, 2016

CTZNS Sky D. Woo Photo
CTZNS People D. Woo Photo
CTZNS people D. Woo Photo

As rays of light warmed the concrete slab walls and the summer air blew through the open space, Madison Cunningham opened the evening with her band. People settled in their seats and recorded the live music from iPhones. Madison’s soulful voice carried the words, “My hope lies on the wings of a stable foundation/Where I find my rest, where I find my peace,” the beginning chorus of her song, “Always Waiting There For Me.” She wore black and white. Around the room, black and white decorations and CTZNS shirts subtly hinted at what was to come.

Madison Cunningham D. Woo Photo

Tim Harding introduced his message as a series in “Black and White.” He related this to building a foundation upon solid ground vs. sand. A life built upon a firm foundation is a life with Christ while one without Christ puts its faith in the shifting sand. He described the tragedy of his son’s heart surgery shortly after birth and the hardships that experience placed on his family. He gave sole credit to a foundation built upon Jesus for making it through that time in his life. As he stated, “They were on solid ground. They were planted.” He pointed out that black absorbs, it takes and takes, where white reflects and wants to give. These contrasts in colors reflect a life with and without Christ. Tim explained that it is not what we do or have done; it’s about what Jesus has already done. He invited the room to accept Christ into their lives or recommit to Him.

CTZNS July 22 D. Woo Photo

New believers remained and perhaps experienced the music slightly differently as Madison Cunningham played a few more songs. After the music, people introduced themselves and made new friends over giant Jenga, food, and fun in the photo booth. Smiles, laughter, and conversation continued into the night.

CTZNS Group D. Woo Photo
CTZNS D. Woo Photo

Announcing Headliner 7/22/16


is a nineteen-year-old musician, singer/songwriter based in Southern California. Since her early childhood, she has been surrounded by a family of musicians and a set of friends who have both inspired and supported her musical endeavors. These influences have shaped Madison into the person and artist she is today, as she has developed a love for music and the arts. With her first debut record Authenticity released a little under two years ago, she is currently working to release a second round of songs before the end of the year.

Madison Cunningham

Meet the CTZNS : Tim Harding Edition


FORMER: Military SWAT Team Member & San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sheriff

CURRENT: Husband, Father, Army Veteran, Business Owner, Security Director, and Intern Pastor

One of the most approachable tattoo-covered people you will ever meet, Tim’s story reveals his mistakes, connecting a man lost in the world to one found and made new.

As our speaker at The Tree House at the Camp at CTZNS July 22nd Event, Tim will share what anchors his soul and ignite a fire of purpose in your life. Doors open at 6:30pm.  Make sure to come early to grab a seat.


Born and raised in Riverside, CA, Tim Harding did not grow up in a Christian home. Tim’s oldest son, Stephan, recently told him:

Dad, I wish I could have been born before you so I could have told you about Jesus when you were little. So you wouldn’t have to wait until you were old to know Him.

Young and full of wisdom, Tim’s son speaks words of truth. Tim spent high school living like a rebel, always searching for a fight in the party scene. Looking for a sense of purpose, he joined the Army. He went through sniper school, was assigned to the Military’s SWAT team, and married his high school girlfriend. They soon had two daughters.

After the Army, Tim went straight into San Bernardino County’s Sheriff’s Academy. He began drinking more than ever, had an affair, and quickly spiraled out of control. He and his wife divorced.

God had a plan for Tim. He met a beautiful nurse named Stephanie while transporting a suspect to the hospital. She agreed to go to lunch with Tim and they began daily communication almost immediately. She had a rule though. If Tim wanted to date her, he had to go to church with her.

Church was the last place Tim wanted to go, but he liked Stephanie and thought she was cute. He agreed to go with her to hear Pastor Greg Laurie speak at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA. That was the first time he heard the gospel presented in a clear, understandable way. He felt at home at Harvest.

Despite attending church and making positive changes in his life, Tim was fired from the Sheriff’s Department. The very next day, he had a custody hearing with his ex-wife. The judge gave her full custody of their two daughters. Everything he had built crumbled around him. He and Stephanie ended their relationship as well.

Tim found himself in his best friend’s house where he contemplated ending it all with his friend’s gun. He fell to his knees and cried out, “God, if you’re real, I need to know it.” He felt God speak to him. A peace came over him that he could not explain. The next day, Tim attended Pastor Greg Laurie’s church. When Greg gave an invitation to come forward and accept Christ, Tim went forward. That was the best day of his life.

Nine years later, God has completely transformed his life. He is an Intern Pastor and full-time Security Director at Harvest OC. Stephanie and Tim started dating again, married, and now have three incredible sons. 

CTZNS 6/24/16 Highlights Video

Thank you once again to everyone who came out to our last event. We loved meeting all of you! We're so excited for what we have coming up this summer and we hope to see you at each gathering.

We're having a bonfire on July 8th at the bonfire pits off Brookhurst Street in Huntington State Beach. Join us for hotdogs, beach activities, and hanging out. All are welcome. The festivities begin at 5pm and go until beach closing. Email hello@ctzns.org for questions. 

Our next collab event is on July 22, 2016, at The Treehouse at The Camp at 7pm. 

CTZNS Collab Event at the Tree House at the Camp  6/24/16

CTZNS Collab Event at the Tree House at the Camp 6/24/16


CTZNS began as an idea over a year ago. We had a vision to go out into the world and hold events. We wanted to bring Christ’s love to all people. Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 9:22 inspired us, “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some” (NIV). There was no limit to who we wanted to reach.

But what did that look like? We discussed concerts, book readings, fashion shows, speaking engagements, etc. For a year, a group of friends and members of Harvest OC prayed about an event that had no shape, no structure, and no date. Some of them did not know that others were praying for the same thing. God had been placing this same desire on the hearts of those around us.

In late April 2016, God began to answer those prayers. As word spread about what we wanted to do, God began to appoint people to tasks. Gifted individuals offered their talents, Harvest OC saw the vision, and CTZNS Collab Events became a movement to share Christ’s love outside the walls of our home church, Harvest OC. God had impressed CTZNS on our hearts and, in His timing, last night’s event took place.

Live music featuring Ricky Jackson and band set the tone, covering Radiohead’s “Reckoner” under the beaming lights of the Tree House at The Camp. New friends were made as people enjoyed coffee and snacks, created memories in the photo booth, and snapped filtered photos on Snapchat. The event streamed on Facebook Live. The evening’s host, Shea Forbes, created an atmosphere for people to enjoy themselves and spend time together.

Covered in tattoos and full of Christ’s love, speaker Tim Harding took the mic and poured out his love for Christ to a packed crowd that overflowed into the venue’s hallway. His testimony revealed a broken man made whole by the grace of God. Calling the day he gave his life to Christ the best day of his life, Tim touched the hearts of the people with his rawness, honesty, and passion. The sun set as Tim explained what it means to have hope in Jesus as an anchor for your soul. Tim invited those who did not know Christ to accept Him. Five lives were committed to Christ when Tim led them in prayer. Ecclesiastes 1:9 states that “there is nothing new under the sun” (NIV). This is true, but those in attendance witnessed what can be made new by the Son.

The night continued with more music and mingling. Plans were set to hangout at future events like the upcoming bonfire and at Harvest OC on Sunday mornings and Thursday nights. We are blessed by what happened last night and look forward to what is to come.

To stay in touch, request prayer, or ask questions, please email us at hello@ctzns.org. You can also stay connected via Facebook and Instagram. Visit Harvest OC's website for more information on service times and directions.

Announcing Headliner 6/24/16

Ricky Jackson

American songwriter, producer and artist. 


In 2015, he won a Grammy Award for his work with Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae. Earning his first major-label songwriting credit at seventeen, he has worked with Katy Perry, OneRepublic & Ryan Tedder, Joy Williams of The Civil Wars, Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, King & Country, and Mark Foster of Foster The People. He has written two #1 radio singles, won a BMI Songwriter Award, Webby Award, and been nominated for a Dove Award.  He is a multi-instrumentalist and singer in the band, The Daylights, and co-owns the Electric Compound studio in Los Angeles. Guided by his deep passion and love for God, Ricky currently leads worship at Harvest OC.

For more information, click here